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I'm a flexible guide: we will plan the day according to your preferences.
We make it a (half-) day out to remember; with plenty of stops along the way, beautiful walk(s), and a home-made lunch for a picknick along the way!

Waarom vind ik natuur leuk?

Nature: the circle of life. I find it inspiring. Beautiful. And the nature of The Netherlands is simply amazing:
The first blossoms waking up in spring, inspiring, and full of hope and promiss. The green summer, with its abundance of food, the bustling of bees, and the lush forests. The unwinding autumn, where life slows down, time to reflect and enjoy the last harvests of this festive colourfull season. And finally, the quiet winter, where nature finds its time to rest, and regenerate for a new round of life (did you think winter was boring? Think again!).

I enjoyed guided nature walks around the world, from Canadians forests, to New Zealand's vulcanoes, to the dry outback of Australia. But now it is time to share with you the nature around MY home.

With a background in biology, genetics and animal behaviour, ánd with a personal interest in edible and medicinal plants; i'll have a thing or two to share with you along the way!

Praktische informatie

Minimale duur boeking (in uren) 3 uur
Maximaal aantal deelnemers 3
Talen Nederlands, Engels en Duits

Hier weet ik de weg

regio arnhem, nijmegen, wageningen, ede, zuid- en midden-veluwe

Depending on your preferences we will pick the location(s) for the day. Whatever location we choose, we will visit a wide variety of landscapes: the sand drifts of the Veluwe, the fields of heath, pine forests, deciduous forest with birch, oak, and chestnut. Are you in for a brief history lesson? We might visit the oldest tress in the area, known as Wodan's trees, have scenic views of the lateral moraine, formed during the last ice-age, or might re-direct our hike past some neolithical burial mounds. During our hikes we can look for the semi-wild herds of horses and cattle, and keep an eye out for squirrels, foxes, and native birds. We might even be lucky and see some of the Dutch 'big five': red deer, roe deer, wild boar, and beaver (number 5 is the seal, which we will not encounter in this region).

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Local Nature Guide

Natuur is overal. Steeds meer mensen trekken erop uit om de natuur te leren kennen. Wij geloven dat een goede gids de natuur nóg meer tot leven brengt.