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On the First day of November let's go for a recharging hike in the Amsterdam's water supply dunes. We will immerse ourselves into the beauty of the forest and the open dunes. We will encounter deer and with some luck also foxes and rabbits.
Autumn is also the rutting season for fallow deer, it means that we should hear their bells (calls) and possibly see the males fighting each other. We will walk around for about 12-15 km and we will come back to the starting point.
Please note: This hike is only for 3 people. You will have your spot reserved once you have made the payment.

Praktische informatie

Dit neemt de gids mee I will share with you my knowledge about the landscape and the animals which roam freely in this beautiful nature area. I will walk with you through beautiful trails and explore hidden places.
Denk jij hier aan? Snacks and drinks. Warm and waterproof clothes. You need to pay a fee entrance of 1,50 euro which you can purchase on the spot or online at


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Startpunt 1e Leijweg 9, 2114 BH Vogelenzang, Zandvoort
Zo kom je er The Waterleidingduinen Oase is reachable by car or by public transportation from Haarlem and Amsterdam. Please check Google Maps and the website for info about your trip.


Giulia Variara

Deze gids maakt jouw ervaring bijzonder

I am Giulia and among all the things I may tell you about myself, I think the most important is that I love Nature in all its aspects. I could say that my passion started with my studies in Forestry, back in 2008. But the truth is that I always saw, touched, smelled, experienced Nature as a part of my personality. I am a pure and honest observer of what is around me. During the years I started to appreciate the fact that we- as humans- are also part of all this beauty, even though sometimes we tend to forget it. I decided to become a naturalistic guide because I want to share with you what I am most enthusiastic about and I want to leave a positive contribution by trying in shedding light on plants, wildlife and humans.



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Natuur is overal. Steeds meer mensen trekken erop uit om de natuur te leren kennen. Wij geloven dat een goede gids de natuur nóg meer tot leven brengt.