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I graduated in Forestry and Environmental Science (MSc) in Padova (Italy). I arrived in the Netherlands in 2015 and since then I have been very busy exploring every inch of Nature in this country. My background studies range over ecology, nature conservation and forest management. My interest in the Natural World brought me to research and gain experience also on primary consumers (large grazers) and predators (medium and large carnivores). At the moment, together with monitoring of European bat populations, I am specializing in the wolf. Since 2018 I also organise excursions in nature for expats and locals; for large, medium and small groups. I have experience as a group facilitator and I love to engage people in environmental awareness.

Waarom vind ik natuur leuk?

I am Giulia and among all the things I may tell you about myself, I think the most important is that I love Nature in all its aspects. I could say that my passion started with my studies in Forestry, back in 2008. But the truth is that I always saw, touched, smelled, experienced Nature as a part of my personality. I am a pure and honest observer of what is around me. During the years I started to appreciate the fact that we- as humans- are also part of all this beauty, even though sometimes we tend to forget it. I decided to become a naturalistic guide because I want to share with you what I am most enthusiastic about and I want to leave a positive contribution by trying in shedding light on plants, wildlife and humans.

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From the forest to the sea in the National Park Zuid Kennemerland

Wandelen en natuurfotografie

We will explore together the National Park: we will walk through the forests, reaching the open dune landscape which is so characteristic of the coastline in the Netherlands. The oak and the pine leave space to sea buckthorn, hawthorn and dog rose. The dune grassland is a unique...


3 uur

7 personen

All Saints Hike ° Back to Nature

Wandelen, zoogdieren, planten en meer

On the First day of November let's go for a recharging hike in the Amsterdam's water supply dunes. We will immerse ourselves into the beauty of the forest and the open dunes. We will encounter deer and with some luck also foxes and rabbits. Autumn is also the rutting season for...


4 uur

3 personen

Hier weet ik de weg


Pine forests, woods, lakes, dunes and then the wide white beaches of the North Sea. The nature area around Haarlem has everything you need. You never get tired of wandering in this region. From Zandvoort until Ijmuiden, let' go searching for animal's traces and ancient trees. Fallow deer, Europen bison, Scottish Highlander and many other animals live In the whereabouts. You have to take your camera with you, beautiful pictures are guaranteed!!

Tuinen Van West

Did you know that in Amsterdam New West there is a well-connected network of trails? These are relatively easy walks which explore the rural part of the city, perfect to do if you have some spare hours during the week or you would simply know better the countryside of your city. You would go through tiny forests and old polders with farm animals. Very gracious parenthesis which lies between the busy city of Amsterdam and the city of Haarlem.

Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen

Do you know where your drinking water comes from? If the Netherlands has not mountains, how do we get so much clean water in our houses? The North Holland water supply used to come completely from the dunes and nowadays this ecosystem still plays a wonderful service for us. If you want to know more about this, you should come with me on an excursion, we will look for answers in the field.

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Local Nature Guide

Natuur is overal. Steeds meer mensen trekken erop uit om de natuur te leren kennen. Wij geloven dat een goede gids de natuur nóg meer tot leven brengt.